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Money tracker You adore

Keep your charges naturaly with Flowmo.
Feel your money flow

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Every cost matters

Write down your little costs and feel your money flow

As easy as breathe

Use FlowMo widget to track daily costs in only Two clicks.

More awareness

Control your money flow. Use dream-category to achieve big goals, find out little leaks and more.


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App for Money Flow

Easy and bright. Simple and friendly. You adore it in daily using. We create it for our needs, to prevent overcosts and feel comportable with family and personal budgets. My wife use it - it matters a lot, guys.

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Killer features

All you need from monay tracker in esiest and clear way. Use it naturaly, without analyzing. Just fix your costs daily. And dream bigger. FlowMo helps you in different ways.

Quick Login

Just press the buttom

Data Analysis

Fix daily, analiyze weekly.

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Access by widget

Enter your costs in two steps.

Air interface

Easy design for quick and smart taps.

interface you love

FlowMo is nice and smart. You can do what you need very natural way.

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frequent questions

We achive to add more cure features. Feel free to ask and promode your ideas.

  • Just create family project and share uniqe link with your family.
  • FlowMo has no login and password. Just enter your first cost.
  • We create very simple app to fix daily costs in beatuful natural way. Usualy money trackers has owful design and users schould learn few days to use it.
  • Breath deeply and enter your daily costs in FlowMo. Then do it again and again untill you feel one month has passed. Congrats! Here your are with money awareness.